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Birthdate:May 31
Website:The Fandom Fiends

On Hiatus

DO NOT come here if you are offended by... well this is where I would have put a list of things but LJ has made sure that I feel uncomfortable about even warning you of what you might find here. Basically if you are easily offended, don't even bother. A bit extreme maybe, but I refuse to curb what I link to or discuss just because I might offend some close minded bigot.

Age Statement: I am over 18

Is officially multifandom. It happened. I used to ponder how people could be so into many fandoms as the same level of love as I held for my fandom at the time... ok I give. I get it now.

Now reading and lurking in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Merlin, Glee and various video game, anime and manga fandoms on occasion. Better add NCIS and Inception to that list.

Oh fandom I really have been with you too long. I have learned polyamory. Now all I need is to find some time to actually get to them all with any kind of regularity.

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